Leveraging Mention to listen to your developer audience

Tessa Kriesel
Tessa Kriesel
Leveraging Mention to listen to your developer audience

Mention allows you to track and listen for folks talking about your brand and product.

As you're working with your developer audiences, there will be times when you wish you could better understand the sentiment and overall opinions of your product in the developer ecosystem.

Mention is a great tool to give you additional data points to track developer sentiment. It also allows you to identify who your super fans may be, as well as notify you of folks talking about your brand or product—both positively & negatively. Allowing you the ability to respond and address conversations around your brand.

Signing up for Mention

Mention has a free trial offering and a free plan. The links are often harder to find in the registration flow but they're there. However, if you find Mention is working for you, I do strongly recommend maintaining a paid subscription, even just on the Solo plan. Mention has some really powerful tools for tracking your brand and when people are talking about you.

Sign up for Mention

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