Leveraging Mention to listen to your developer audience

Tessa Kriesel
Tessa Kriesel
Leveraging Mention to listen to your developer audience

Mention allows you to track and listen for folks talking about your brand and product.

As you're working with your developer audiences, there will be times when you wish you could better understand the sentiment and overall opinions of your product in the developer ecosystem.

Mention is a great tool to give you additional data points to track developer sentiment. It also allows you to identify who your super fans may be, as well as notify you of folks talking about your brand or product—both positively & negatively. Allowing you the ability to respond and address conversations around your brand.

Signing up for Mention

Mention has a free trial offering and a free plan. The links are often harder to find in the registration flow but they're there. However, if you find Mention is working for you, I do strongly recommend maintaining a paid subscription, even just on the Solo plan. Mention has some really powerful tools for tracking your brand and when people are talking about you.

Sign up for Mention

Setting up your alerts

During the onboarding flow they ask you to setup your brand profiles and connect your social media profiles. Be sure to do these steps as Mention will then automagically create those alerts for you.

Do not setup any alerts for competitors, it will eat up your free plan mentions in no time (you have limited alerts on the free plan). However, if you keep Mention and pay for it, definitely start tracking your competitors too.

Also, be sure to only enter keywords for your brand that will yield the right results. Mention recommended that I added "developer advocacy" as one of my keywords—this would obviously yield A LOT of results as that term is all over the internet. Stick to just your company name for now—until you opt for a paid plan and have access to more alerts.

Watch for folks to talk about your brand

Mention will automatically search the internet and share any instances where it sees your brand or keywords being mentioned. It will yield alerts from the following sources:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Forums, Blogs, Videos, News & the wider web.

Intensify the impact

If you want to intensify the impact of Mention as well as those speaking about your brand, make an effort to check Mention daily or regularly. Your alerts act as a todo list that you can work through. Track down folks who create content around your product, thank them, share on your social platforms, and elevate that user in any way you can.

If you can bring some recognition and attention to their content piece they may just feel the need to continue to write about you. 💥

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