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Tessa Kriesel
Tessa Kriesel
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

We're so excited to offer our DevRel-focused Learn Programs. Our programs will cover fundamental areas of contributing and leading Developer Relations programs.

Our Learn programs include guidebooks (think courses but better), downloads & resources, & templates to get you started—everything you need to learn a topic deeply and leverage it professionally either in your current career or as a path for seeking a career shift. And when you get stuck, our team is here to help you work through it.

Our learning programs, weekly office hours, & premium content are available to Pro members only.

Did you know that Devocate's Pro memberships will fund our SaaS MVP? Your membership & program purchases directly help an underrepresented founder.


Building a DevRel Campaign—Ideation to Impact

Learn how to deliver impactful DevRel campaigns that drive results and impress stakeholders.

This Learn program includes a guidebook with worksheets, pre-written content templates, and tooling templates. Everything you need to deliver a successful DevRel campaign. We walk you through discovery & strategy, planning deliverables & resources, and tracking & reporting of your campaigns.

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Getting Started as a Developer Advocate

Learn the in's and out's of developer advocacy and how to drive impact as a developer advocate. This learning program can be leveraged by aspiring Developer Advocate, current Developer Advocates looking to grow their knowledge, or by leaders seeking mentorship insights for a new Developer Advocate hire. 

Available February 2022

Strategizing Your Developer Relations Program

Learn how to strategize impactful DevRel programs that drive results and impress stakeholders. This program includes a course, book with worksheets, pre-written content templates, and tooling templates. Everything you need to write your developer relations program strategy. Available late February to early March 2022.

Available March 2022

Developer Advocacy Recruiting

Gain insights into how to successfully recruit & hire a developer advocacy team. This program will include the how-to's on recruiting strong Developer Advocates as well templates for job descriptions, interviewing strategy, and a recruiting campaign you can implement to gain traction on your open Developer Advocate headcount.

Available April 2022

Metrics, Reporting, & Automation, Oh My!

One of the most talked-about Developer Relations topics is metrics. How do I track my impact? What do I report to stakeholders? This program will break that all down and give you tangible templates to get started with activity tracking, program tracking, reporting dashboards & presentations templates, and tips on how to automate it all.

Available May 2022

Free Resources

DevRel Campaign Strategy Template

A detailed template that helps you outline and strategize your DevRel campaigns. Covering high-level areas around Strategy, Goals, Resources, Deliverables, & Tracking Success.

Download Template

Developer Relations Program Strategy Template

A doc with high-level headers to help you navigate writing your first developer program strategy. This strategy template goes alongside the DevRel book, Developer Relations: How to Build and Grow a Successful Developer Program.

Download Template


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Membership Scholarships

Devocate truly cares about driving impact to the DevRel & community industries. If you're in a place where you can't afford a membership or fall into an underrepresented minority, especially from a region where our prices are steep, please tell us your story and we'd love to consider you for a membership scholarship while you work to attain your next role or opportunity.

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