How I referred 79 new user signups in 3 days

Tessa Kriesel
Tessa Kriesel
How I referred 79 new user signups in 3 days

tl;dr customer advocacy—including 1 blog post, sent to 205 subscribers, 1 raquet with 10 likes and 20 plays, & 14 social posts.

On Monday, May 3rd, I setup my Polywork profile. I started to add badges and my bio. Basically just the profile details, and hadn't really dove into "Posts" yet.

On Wednesday, at 4:35 pm, the Polywork team asked if I wanted an invite code for my followers. And of course, I agreed. I loved that they reached out to little ole' me, made me feel special, and allowed me to be a part of something really exciting for them. I was ready to be a promoter.

I agreed to write a blog post for them, and asked if I could get insights into their product & plans. I wanted to make sure I provided a value in my content. Their CEO + founder scheduled time with me on Thursday. We chatted about their mission, how to best leverage the platform and their exciting new features.

After that call I felt energized. Their founder seemed like a really incredible human being and I wanted to help them grow because they put trust in me (with the post).

Sharing my invite code

We published the post Friday am and sent it to 205 subscribers that consisted of people in developer relations, engineering, founders & startup team members. I allowed my subscribers to login and see my invite code.

I began staging a few social posts and engagement tactics. I could improve my social strategy skills, but what I am good at is knowing what audiences want. The social tactics tend to not matter when I target the right audience with the right content. And in this case, I think the content hit home pretty well.

You can view all of the social posts and their metrics (as of 5/8 at 8pm CT) in an Airtable base.

I was responsible for 79 Polywork signups. 7.98% of the people currently on the platform today were referred by me.

I have 4,500 followers. I'm not a developer influencer with a huge following, yet I was able to accomplish the following.

Total metrics across all deliverables

  • 85 unique views on the blog post
  • Blog post sent to 205 subscribers, thus far read by 58 subscribers
  • 254 impressions on LinkedIn posts
  • 1 engagement on Facebook
  • 26,596 impressions on Twitter
  • 853 engagements on Twitter
  • 1 Raquet with 10 likes & 20 plays
  • 18 Twitter DMs asking to retweet my blog post tweet, 13 engaged


Results & findings

LinkedIn & Facebook were useless. No one asked for invite codes there. If you were targeting new users, that would have been a failure. Just focus on Twitter. Twitter was a huge success.

This tweet needed traction to bring Polywork signups—the CTA of the blog post is to get an invite code and try Polywork.

So I sent Twitter direct messages to those who had asked for an invite code to Polywork. They were already users, and would be excited about the new features I announced. They were already users I referred, but I wanted them to share Polywork with their audience too.

I helped these folks get a code, they likely wanted to help me back. Just like I did with Polywork.

The direct messages themselves didn't contribute directly to additional Polywork signups, because I had already provided them an invite code. However, I kindly asked these people to share my tweet. In turn building a bigger audience around my tweet containing the blog post—with again, the CTA to snag the invite code and try Polywork.

Customer advocacy works

I leverage customer developer advocacy to build a strong developer audience. One that comes with trust and advocacy right off the bat. Because when your trusted friend tells you something's great, you usually believe it to be true.

Take a peek at Polywork yourself, and be sure to snag my invite code from this blog post.

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