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Wouldn't it be nice to have an expert in your back pocket when you need them? Maybe someone who speaks developer and knows how to help you build & scale your brand?

Devocate comes alongside companies serving developer audiences to provide insights & guidance. Helping early-stage founders land their first developer customer to companies looking to develop a high-velocity DevRel team.

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Sparingly available for prepaid coaching calls.

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Meet Tessa

Developer turned developer whisperer, Tessa Kriesel has been in the tech industry for over 14 years. She is a self-taught developer that has focused on the open source space most of her career.

In 2016, she changed gears and moved into the Developer Relations field where she grew communities, developer audiences & her public speaking skills.

Today, Tessa is the CEO at Devocate, and specializes in DevRel consultancy, developer growth hacking & customer developer advocacy. Previously, Developer Community at Twitter, Head of DevRel at Fast, Developer Outreach Manager at Pantheon—to name a few.

Tessa Kriesel speaking at a tech conference. Photo credit: Mark Maunder, WordFence

Our Offerings

Coaching (Available)

Devocate coaching calls are video time with Tessa Kriesel to discuss your current goals & struggles. Tessa provides insights and advice for you to consider, as well as resources to get you on the right path. All coaching calls are recorded so you can continue to learn and capture from them. We coach founders, CEO's, DevRel leaders, anyone else serving developers, and developers themselves (on dev advocacy & DevRel careers).

Coaching calls are invoiced in 30-minute increments at $250 per half-hour. Book & pay for the time you need, with no commitment.

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I learned more from you in this 30 minute call than I've learned from all of my other DevRel calls combined.
- CEO (client)

DevRel-as-a-Service (Not available)

Tessa joins your team on a contractual basis for a set number of hours per month to help you strategize your developer audience & establish your DevRel function. She may also support & serve within other parts of your org to help align teams & strategy for your developer audiences. A great example of this is often marketing.

Contract lengths range based on needs with key metrics and defined success tracking to ensure impact & value. Availability is first-come, first-serve.

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DevRel Deliverables (Not available)

Our extended team including key partners can strategize and execute on DevRel deliverables on your behalf. We work with you to draft the strategy, audience focus, appropriate call-to-action and success metrics for each deliverable. We also leverage our awesome network of partners to help us execute your deliverable and ensure they're most impactful for your priorities and goals.

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Developer focus areas

  • Developer audience insights
  • Developer community
  • Brand messaging & voice for developer audiences
  • Developers relations team & success
  • Developer marketing
  • Developer feedback
  • Developer focused product launches
  • Developer advocacy/incentivized programs
  • Developer audience understanding
  • Developer experience
  • Social media for developer audiences
  • Community team strategy & alignment
  • Developer or technical recruiting insights

DevRel Service Providers

We've curated a list of DevRel service providers in various categories to support you in your journey to find DevRel insights & resources.

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