DevRel Coaching

Wouldn't it be nice to have an expert in your back pocket when you need them? Maybe someone who speaks developer and knows how to help you build & scale your brand?

Tessa Kriesel comes alongside companies serving developer audiences to provide insights & guidance. Helping early-stage founders land their first developer customer to leaders looking to build a high-velocity DevRel team.

More About Coaching

Book a 30 minute coaching call to discuss your developer audience goals & struggles. You'll be provided insights and advice for you to consider, time to ask your questions, as well as resources to get you on the right path—video recording & additional resources and links provided in a follow-up email. All coaching clients also receive premium access to our blog.

After booking your call successfully, you'll be redirected to pay for your coaching call. All coaching calls must be paid in advance of the call. We're happy to sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement—please send it to the email address on the calendar invite.

Coaching calls are invoiced in 30-minute increments at $250 per half-hour.

⚠️ Current Availability

Only currently accepting first-come first-serve coaching bookings.

Schedule a coaching call

Please note: there are a number of clients who book coaching calls on a regular basis. Committing to one session does not continually guarantee additional available time.

Meet Tessa

Developer turned developer whisperer, Tessa Kriesel has been in the tech industry for over 14 years. She is a self-taught developer that has focused on mostly open-source web development & DevOps.

In 2016, she changed gears and moved into the Developer Relations field, where she grew communities, developer audiences & her public speaking skills.

Today, Tessa is Director of Advocacy & Community at Lacework and a DevRel coach and advisor to many early-stage startups. She serves those needing developer audience expertise through her insightful blog and actionable coaching sessions. Previously, Developer Community at Twitter, Head of DevRel at Fast, and Developer Outreach Manager at Pantheon—to name a few.

Tessa Kriesel speaking at a tech conference. Photo credit: Mark Maunder, WordFence

Developer focus areas

  • Developer audience insights
  • Developer community
  • Brand messaging & voice for developer audiences
  • Developers relations team & success
  • Developer marketing
  • Developer feedback
  • Developer focused product launches
  • Developer advocacy
  • Developer customer advocacy
  • Developer audience understanding
  • Developer experience
  • Social media for developer audiences
  • Community team strategy & alignment
  • Developer or technical recruiting insights

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