Getting started with customer advocacy

Tessa Kriesel
Tessa Kriesel
Getting started with customer advocacy
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Learn how to leverage your developer superfans in our guide to customer advocacy with developers.

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Customer advocacy is how you scale success—even at just one user. It only requires one satisfied customer to leverage customer advocacy. When you're working with developers, or any untrusting audience, customer advocacy can oftentimes be the most important "marketing" you can do. It allows your users to build a community in itself on your product.

Your customers are going to invite their network, who will invite their network, etc., which as we all know over time will diversify the entire user base. Until that happens though, your users will feel a sense of comfort because their friends are showing up too. If your product doesn't have a public user base, leverage community really early to replace this sentiment—you want them to feel a sense of ownership almost to your product and team.

Case Study: Polywork

I wrote one blog post, chatted with one community member on Raquet, and shared 14 social posts. In 3 days I referred 79 new user signups.

Read this case study

Identify your advocates

You have a few different ways you can do this, depending on what data you've been collecting thus far and where that data is at.

Net Promoter Score results

Most organizations collect Net Promoter Scores. This is something that becomes increasingly helpful after you have 10+ customers or can no longer speak to every user.

You can read more about the score itself over here, What matters for advocacy is your promoters—your 9's & 10's. These are the users that are most likely to recommend your product to their friends and family. They have positive opinions of your product, and that's just the start you need.

Exercise: Find your promoters

Collect the results of your recent Net Promoter Score submissions and filter your 9's & 10's. If you've never collected NPS before, start now.

Access this Airtable directly

Establish additional tracking


Orbit supports Twitter, GitHub, Slack, Discord, Discourse and other platforms through Zapier. You will want to connect the platforms you leverage to connect with your developers.

You can learn more about Orbit and how to set it up in this blog post.

We want to filter out for users with an Orbit model of one & two.

We can then bulk tag those users if you're leveraging tags. Devocate's advocacy program is called the Pack so I use the tag 'pack' for my advocates. You can check all the members and scroll down to apply tag.

Research & setup data segments

Establish your first campaign

Track your success

Invest in your internal processes

Establish your second campaign

Track your success better

Strengthen your relationship through opportunities & networking

Automate your advocacy

Track your entire program success

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