Devocate's methodologies

Tessa @ Devocate
Tessa @ Devocate
Devocate's methodologies

Devocate is an insightful membership-based content portal. Backed by an experienced team ready to work with your business to help you grow.

*These areas may have content that requires a specific membership. You can learn more here. Content that requires a membership will have a ⭐️ next to the title.

Focus Areas

Whatever stage your product or business might be in, you are going to experience problems and establish goals to improve the key areas. We believe these areas matter the most when working with developers.

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Deliverables are the exact end results you may expect from contributing to campaigns. A deliverable is something you do and deliver as your end result. Deliverables are frequently referenced in both campaigns & guides.

For example, Twitter developer followers is a deliverable—obtain 25 new developer followers. You set a goal & metric to track and you're contributing back to a campaign. Your campaign may be to grow your developer audience by 100%. Therefore, you will likely have other deliverables with different developer audience channels you will be focused on growing as well. Campaigns usually include multiple deliverables.

Each deliverable outlines key information to help you better understand the scope of work as well as how to track success. You can either hire our team to accomplish a deliverable for you, or you can follow the DIY (do-it-yourself) resources section to find content that outlines how to accomplish a deliverable.

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Campaigns are executable projects that usually include many deliverables and metrics to track success back to. Campaigns are frequently referenced in guides and in blog posts. Most executable campaign content is for paid members only.

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Guides are essentially playbooks to walk you through how to do or accomplish something. Each guide provides insights around why and how you go about engaging with developers and in which ways. Guides include many references to specific campaigns & deliverables to help you achieve the desired results of that guide.  

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Blog posts*

Blog posts cover a concept or methodology that our team has experience in. We write blog posts to share further insights with our visitors, while also attracting our own new users. As you will begin to learn, we encourage folks to do things that are going to accomplish many goals. We re-purpose our blog content in our guides, campaigns, & deliverables—while all of that content also serves as SEO goodness that attracts our own new users.

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Glossary of terms

Super fans

A super fan is a customer who has a high level of admiration for your product & company and usually speaks positively about you to others.

Customer developer advocacy

Most know developer advocacy as the work developer advocates on developer relations teams contribute to. However, Devocate believes you can scale your developer relations efforts by leveraging your customer super fans for developer advocacy campaigns.

Hiring our team

You can learn more about hiring our team over here. We can complete deliverables for you, as well as strategize custom campaigns & programs to accomplish your developer audience goals.


Paid members pay a membership fee to access premium content. The cost is $74 per month or $700 per year.

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Free subscribers

Free subscribers get access to some content that public visitors do not. You will receive our new blog posts in your email inbox, but you can turn this feature off if you prefer to visit our blog at your own leisure.

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Public visitors

Public visitors are folks who access our content publicly and do not have a membership of any kind. Your access will be limited as you dive into actual execution & logistical how-to style content.


Anyone who is a paid client of Devocate—delivering services or consulting for your organization or business—you will receive paid member access to our content portal for no additional cost. If you're put your trust in our team, we want to ensure you have all the tools you need to succeed.

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Reach out

If you need anything while you're digging into our content and community, do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

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