Developer superfans—building trust with an untrusting audience

Tessa Kriesel
Tessa Kriesel
Developer superfans—building trust with an untrusting audience

Building strong relationships through community is the key recipe for success — and an army of developer superfans.

This blog post is actually my "slides" for my #CommunityLed2021 Summit hosted by The Community Club & Commsor.

This entire presentation is going to reference the show Ted Lasso. Don't worry though, I'll be sure to explain each point. My secret goal is that everyone who sees this will want to watch Ted Lasso. Ted Lasso, a fictional TV character, is my idol and he should be yours too.

Building trust through relationship building

Ted brings Rebecca biscuits every day. You can see them in the cute little pink box on her desk. No matter how cold Rebecca is to Ted, exhibit A in this video, Ted continues to be kind to her and still share things with her she clearly seems uninterested in.

What Ted is really doing is starting a cadence for touch points with Rebecca. He is ensuring there is a designated time every day where he can slowly, over time, continually build their relationship. Rebecca is clearly hesitant and onto what Ted is doing, but when someone is bringing you yummy biscuits every day it's pretty hard to ignore that.

Audience involvement

What tactics have you tried to build a stronger relationship with them?

Click the image to add your contribution!

Building trust model

I have a model that I built that is 3 easy steps for building a strong relationship with developers—don't worry though, all of the tactics I leverage for developers will work with all audiences. 🙌

I developed this model because developers are naturally untrusting individuals. They can see through your marketing jargon, and look right past your sales gimmicks.

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