Deliverable: Developer product signups

Tessa @ Devocate
Tessa @ Devocate
Deliverable: Developer product signups

We strategize the ideal user personas for your product, and then leverage community building to attract users to signup for your product and provide critical feedback for improvement.

Leveraging community to establish relationships with developers that may try your product. Providing a value far greater than what is received from the engagement.

We begin to understand what motivates developers and can provide a value to them. It is never a transactional kind of thing. It's about building strong relationships and providing value.

We build a strong developer audience for your product through community-led relationship building. It's the real deal.

Case Study: We referred 79 user signups to Polywork in 3 days leveraging this deliverable!

Our approach

We work with you to learn about your product and define your developer audiences. They're all motivated by different things. When you can learn what motivates them to want to try your product, it's easier to cater to them and their needs. In turn making it easier to ask them to try your product and provide critical feedback.

We guarantee developer product signups to try the free version of your product. If your product is paid only, we ask you give 30 days free from signup for those we are engaging with. We will use those audiences we defined to find developers that fit your products ideal developer audience. We leverage their motivations to elevate them in a way that makes them excited to try your product and leave feedback.

It's your ideal developer user excited to try your product and help you improve it.

We leverage our current network as well as ambitiously grow relationships in new key areas to help serve your business. It's in our best interest to constantly be building strong relationships with developers among the wider developer ecosystem. We give back to open source projects as acts of good will. We love developers and we want their experience to be community-led, so we lead by example.

As we mentioned earlier, they're usually willing to provide critical product feedback both on your overall company experience and your product. Oftentimes, they may even be willing to support you in future marketing campaigns with developer enablement material or feedback.

Providing a value, capturing their feedback, acting on it, and thanking them for their feedback & contributions can go a really long ways in building their eventual love for your product.

It's all a part of a greater plan to not only gain new users but gain new users who go out of their way to talk about your product and your brand. This is where the scaling comes in, and I think we all 💜 scaling. We're developers ourselves—the only way to understand someone is to spend time doing what they do, right?


  • Developer audience growth
  • Product signups
  • Critical feedback captured
  • Increased revenue (if they like what they see!)
  • Reputation growth
  • Developer channel growth

Funding stage

Ideal for Pre-Seed, or even long before that. Or any organization that is looking to increase the number of developer product signups that fall within their defined ideal developer audience.


Work that needs to be done before we can begin to establish developer signups.

  • Developer audience personas defined for your product
  • Profiles on Twitter, GitHub, Product Hunt, & a few other niche developer communities that we will recommend when we start working together.


Leverage developer community engagement and the building trust model to increase developer audience signups for your product by 10 total signups.

Tracking success

  • Member activity tracking
  • Social engagement tracking
  • 1:1 communication tracking
  • Number of signups clearly defining attribution
  • Signup referral sources or CTA links

Case Studies

Hire Devocate

Our team will leverage the methods shared thus far to attract 10 developer users to your product. And they aren't just any users, they are users that fit within your defined ideal audiences ensuring that it's a product fit from the start. Focusing with these early users means richer feedback for improvement—they will be able to help shape the early improvements to your products.

Defined deliverable

10 signups that clearly fit within your products ideal developer audience who will provide critical product feedback after use. We do not guarantee that these signups will become paid users, but we will provide insights on how to successfully leverage their feedback for product improvement. And hopefully if you can remove some of the road bumps, they might just opt in.

  • 10 developer signups that align with your products ideal developer personas
  • Developer audience strategy defining audiences and motivations, as well as deeper insights into how to target your developer audiences
  • Constructive product feedback from at least 8 of the new developer users
  • 20 social posts total, promoting your product, shared by your new developer users and Devocate
  • Developer audience tracking established and improved upon through our work

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