Deliverable: Developer community strategy

Tessa @ Devocate
Tessa @ Devocate
Deliverable: Developer community strategy

Developer community strategy that tailors to your company goals while catering to your key developer personas.

Leverage your developer community to serve your users, deflect support, build their trust & opinion of your product, obtain critical feedback and bring a sense of belonging to your users and product.

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Why Your New Software Needs a Developer Community Before Marketing
The reason to gain the support of developers first, is to improve your product before regular users get the opportunity to break it.

Our approach

We break down the product and it's place in the wider developer ecosystem and what audiences it serves. Through that persona work, we research & strategize what your audiences desire from a community and what they're motivated by. If your audience is already established, it will be a bit easier as it's somewhere to start and leverage further research to learn more.

Once we better understand the audience and what they truly want out of a community, we strategize the logistical side of the community. We work through the recommend tooling based on features and offerings your community should offer. As well as begin drafting strategy around community growth and key ways to motivate and serve your users.

We then begin to set goals and align success metrics for the community. Once you know the goal of your community, it's a lot easier prioritize your work and track your success. We establish tooling to track each and every metric possible to constantly learn from the data and adjust tactics.


  • Strengthen reputation & developer trust
  • Deflect support
  • Drive adoption
  • Brand affinity
  • Actionable feedback

Funding stage

When you are working with developer audiences, community should be one of your top priorities—no matter your funding stage.


  • None


Establish a developer community to leverage for developer audience campaigns & deflect support.

Tracking success

Tracking success is very specific to your community and your community's goals. When strategizing your developer community, set clear goals around what you expect the community to do, how that contributes back to the business, and how you can best serve your users.

Working with Devocate

We implement necessary tooling to ensure you're tracking each and every goal we defined together. Everything we do has associated success metrics that are being tracked and leveraged to better understand your audiences and which campaigns work best. This allows us to write deliverable summary reports that include insights into work we completed for you and what we learned while doing it.

Hire Devocate

Establishing your developer community is a huge project. Just vetting tooling alone can be a time-consuming task, let alone add brainstorming, drafting strategy & thinking about tracking metrics and how to measure success, and so much more.

Defined deliverable

  • Chat community tool or forum community tool setup & launched
  • Community tracking tooling setup
  • Written strategy outlining your key audiences, community mission, tactics, focuses, goals, growth strategies, tracking success & more.
  • 10 seeded community threads strategized to best serve common support topics or SEO-rich content to attract new users.
  • Deliverable summary report including what work we completed for this deliverable and what we learned from that work about your audience and users.

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