Deflect support, impactful open source goal

Tessa Kriesel
Tessa Kriesel
Deflect support, impactful open source goal

Instead of leveraging community members to reply to support requests, you should leverage them to create content that deflects the need for support to begin with.

It can be incredibly difficult to successfully support any software product when the needs of your users surpass the resources you have to respond to them. Supporting open source software is often even more challenging without the right community structure.

The best part about an open source community is the same thing that lies at the heart of all communities: Your customers can help make your product better.

Most founders don’t realize that their contributors and users are also the best people to write documentation, explain how to use the product, and provide actionable feedback on how to make it better. Leverage this to minimize the need for support!

Elevate community members

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