Using Orbit to better manage your open source developer project community

Tessa Kriesel
Tessa Kriesel
Using Orbit to better manage your open source developer project community

Open source project maintainers may not know they have fans in the shadows willing to support them—if the opportunity arises. Track them with Orbit!

Managing an open source project is already a task in itself, let alone worrying about your community and how to best manage it—whatever that means. The truth is though you have a community of developers all around you. You're either writing code for them to use, or working side-by-side them as they contribute to a project you maintain.

Your project is going to continue to succeed, as it has, without embracing community management, but your project can excel if you can learn to make it a part of the project maintenance. Therefore, we wanted to share a way to capture your community stats, to monitor your members and their dedication, to help track back to the overall success & growth of your project.

Maintainers often forget that they sometimes have tons of fans in the shadows willing to support them—if they'd just ask.

What tool is the right tool?

Using tools from great companies that offer zero to nominal fee subscriptions will help you leverage your community when you need it most, while also improving the experience and environment of your projects community for your users and maintainers. It will allow you to listen to your key members & implement feedback that could increase adoption and build a stronger trust for your product. The best marketing of all for developers is building trusting relationships, how do you know who to prioritize first?

Orbit will tell you.

Let's build your community management stack

You can setup an Orbit account, for free, to setup community management tracking in less than 10 minutes.

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