What is Devocate?

Tessa Kriesel
Tessa Kriesel
What is Devocate?

Helping companies accomplish their developer audience goals by leveraging developer advocacy. Self-serve in our blog & community, or hire our team.

Hey! 👋 My name is Tessa Kriesel, CEO - Chief (mind) 🤯 Exploding Officer. I've been a developer for most of my life. I started to code a bit in high school, then ignoring my passion for tech to get into restaurant management. Only to come back around to teaching myself to code so I could build a 10k+ Guitar Hero tournament community—that was later recognized by Activision🤘.  Since that time working at companies like General Mills, Twitter & currently at quickly-growing startup, Fast—leading their developer relations function.

I love technology, but have always been drawn towards business

I've always had a pull towards technology and understanding how it works. But, at the end of the day, I yearn to build businesses and watch them flourish. I like to teach people what I know, and I like to bring people together. Developers aren't the easiest to attract & engage, but they've always been my people. I've always felt at home with people who desire to learn more and try to solve complex problems through code.

Self learn in our blog — free & paid memberships

I share lots of content that relates to developers in our blog, most of it is free, some of it requires a free or paid membership. If my content is at all useful to you, please consider upgrading. It helps support my work. I love being able to cover a copywriter/editor for my content and deliver extra impactful content.

Premium members have access to Guides & Campaigns—these are executable step-by-step projects and strategies you can leverage to accomplish your developer audience goals. Guides outline strategy, roadmap & goals, while campaigns are executable experiments to accomplish your goals.

Visit our blog

Building developer strategies for companies

My team and I build strategies & campaigns for companies to attract or engage their developer audiences. We have a hire us page. I have a few awesome people that support me, which allows us to help more organizations.  

My favorite work is deliverables. You decide the end goal (example: 10 new product signups), Devocate estimates the effort involved for that deliverable, together we agree on terms. Our team will then conduct various experiments and campaigns to obtain the promised deliverable. Since most of our campaigns don't just get shut off, you usually end up with results far beyond the minimum we promise you.

Hire us

New offering! Developer experience audit

We walk through your entire developer experience and provide a full report with screen recordings & suggested improvements from pre-sale to adoption, as well as optional ideas for improvements specific to your audiences.

The purpose of this offering is to improve your developer experience and learn more about your developer users. $990 one-time fee, 2-3 day turnaround after completion of Q&A with your team.

Request a developer experience audit

Help developers learn developer advocacy

I want to help more developers get into the developer advocacy industry, and not just professionally, but also through advocating for their favorite products and learning advocacy through real-life experience with products they truly love. If we talked about the products we loved more, the products we truly trusted would get the recognition they deserve.

I believe that many software engineers would thrive in advocacy roles and just need a little bit of insider tips and experience with guidance. This is where our community comes in.

Eventually connecting developers & developer-focused product companies to one another to leverage customer advocacy. In a perfect world, connecting developers with all their favorite product companies.

My Devocate product dream

One day soon I hope to build a customer-focused advocacy product that connects to community tools like Orbit & Commsor to allow companies to more easily leverage customer advocacy to grow their business. With pre-configured campaigns to help early founders establish developer users more quickly and build stronger advocacy from the start, as well as grow alongside to help you scale your efforts with your developer audiences.

However, that product is a mere dream for now. If you're interested in chatting about investing, which I'm possibly down for. MVP is estimated at around $100k for software build + operations & growth strategy for 6 months.

Video chat or email Tessa about her crazy ideas

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